TISo today I was talking about how I have the PacMan app for Facebook, and how PacMan is a far inferior game to the TI knockoff, Munch-Man. PacMan may have been prettier, but Munch-Man was so much more fun to play. Out of curiosity I searched to see if there was a TI emulator. “BEHOLD — ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE!” said the god Google. Download the TI 99 Emulator for your PC. Now I have Munch-Man and Parsec and a bunch of other games. Oh, the hours I will waste!

Sadly, the emulator did NOT include my other favorite games for the TI, the Scott Adams Adventure series. Apparently, these are still copyrighted to him, but fear not, you can download them for free — though not for play on the emulator.

Thank you, Internet, for allowing me to relive my childhood.