Art from high school, photoshoppedSo, the last time my parents visited, they presented me with a couple of boxes of papers I had hid in their attic from high school and college. I finally sat down to go through it all, and only had the heart to throw out about 1/20th of what was there. I could have done better. I mean, really, when am I going to need my AP Calculus notes? Probably never. Some of the more interesting finds were the script from a play my AP Spanish class performed in which we were the hispanic version of the Brady Bunch. The script was decent, but the film we produced to submit to a competetion held by Plymouth State College was horrid. We were embarrased to submit it. The teacher thought we had lost our minds. And yet, we won. Some day that video cassette will come back to haunt me. “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, siempre es Marcia!”

I also found some art from my high school art class, Dutch lessons from my friend Iwan, the results of a computer matchmaking service circa 1995 run by a high school computer class, a children’s book I wrote for Spanish class “Sr. Paloma Visita el Campo” (think”Country Mouse, City Mouse”), and some spectacular science report covers I hand-drew in my pre-Photoshop days. I’m sure the logic was to dazzle with the cover so that the teacher would be more forgiving with what was actually written inside.