July 2006


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More doodles. I had this one sketched quickly, but then it sat for months while I decided how to color it. Not sure it’s done, but I’m afraid if I mess with it more it’ll get muddled.

So . . . little . . . time . . .
Evolve Revolve
See our art car growing

More Burning Man prep photos, including the Evolve Revolve


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So, today I was reading my MarketingSherpa Email and found that the photos from the event I attended this past spring were posted online at Flickr. See the blog post (open access until July 15). Looked quickly through them and yup, there I am – just before taking off with the slightly crazy eLoqua crew to gallavant around Chicago.

I’m willing to wager that we’re living in the most thoroughly photographed age of all time. Digital photography means you can shoot as many stills as your memory card will hold. Future historians will have no trouble reconstructing scenes from this time period. At worst, they’ll have to sift through all the drek to find the gems.

I laughed to myself while watching fireworks last night — I peered over at the bleachers, and saw a sea of little LCD displays snapping the fireworks. They outshone the glow necklaces the kids were wearing.

Our small world is getting even smaller . . .