Better be careful what you say on air – now you may NEVER be able to live it down.
TVEyes lets you search transcripts of Internet news broadcasts for free. A fee-based service gives you even more reach. I tried searching for “the journal Science” and got four clips. The first clip was more than 7 days old and no longer free on CNN’s website. I would have to pay a one time $0.99 fee or $24.95 for a year’s access.

As for podcasts, you can search transcripts at Podscope.

Now, neither of these seem to be perfect – I know good and well that every edition of The Word Nerds should have popped up when I searched Podscope for “rude word of the week,” and I only got a few. Also, I got one result for “James Patrick Kelly” and I know Jim has his own podcasts that didn’t turn up. But it’s a cool concept, one that Yahoo! or Google or MSN will jump on in the near future, I’m sure.

Where I got my news: