January 2006

Rock!!! There are not words to describe the rapture. So I have painted. 🙂
The Man Burns

Leafcutter ants

I’m making a new page here to chronicle my search for information about Iquitos, Peru. I’ll be traveling there sometime in 2006. Perhaps I’ll get a glimpse of the ugly chanchos (wild pigs) that tried to chase me down and eat me a few years back. I’m seriously considering upgrading my camera and perhaps purchasing a videocamera for this trip. If I had my previous encounter on video, it would have been PRICELESS. “AIEEEEEE! RUN! {camera bouncing up and down, teethclacking and snorting in the background, camera brushes past a baffled dutch man, cut to brown sandaled feet cracking twigs and hopping over fallen logs, insane giggling of the camerawoman who can only think of how absurd it is to be fleeing for your life behind two 5 foot indian guides while 400 or so spikey-hair pigs try to chase you out of their territory}”

At the very least, I can get some cool footage of leafcutter ants. Those things are awesome.

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